Parent App Training Zone

Parent App Tutorials (School Accounts) How do I set my child up on the All Aboard app? If you cannot find an email invite, do not worry! You can still set up an account. Create your personal account on the website here. Log into your new account on our website. Accept the invitation from … Read more

Teacher LMS Training Zone

Learner Management System (LMS) Tutorials Quick tour of the LMS How do I log into my LMS account? How do I add an administrator? How do I add a facilitator to a class team? How do I add or transfer learners? How do I add a parent to a learner account? How do I mark … Read more

Intervention Training Zone

Intervention Training Zone All Aboard Phonics Plus | An Introduction All Aboard Phonics Plus | Diving Deeper All Aboard Phonics | Trainertext Tutorial All Aboard Phonics | Using Trainertext Flashcards Eye Tracking Exercise Segment-Reblend Technique All Aboard Phonics Plus Activity Demos Head over to our All Aboard Phonics Plus … Read more

Parent Training Zone

Parent Training Zone How to Save Time As a parent, your role in helping your child learn to read is going to be crucial. Your child needs 10-15 minutes of practice each day and the school team cannot provide that. It adds up to 5 hours per day for a class of 30 children! You … Read more

New to Teaching Phonics Training Zone

Training for Teachers New to Phonics We know getting your head around teaching a new area of the curriculum can be daunting. But we promise phonics lessons can be fun and easy to teach (and we’re not just saying that because we’re a phonics programme!).  We have a lot of short videos tackling different elements. To … Read more

How to Videos

How to… How to… Teach Tricky Words How to… Use Assessments How to… Teach Blending and Segmenting How to… Boost Fluency With the Reread Technique How to… Use Trainertext to Support Decoding Practice Back to Training Home

Phonics Jargon Training

Phonics Jargon You can review all the main phonics terms with this pdf download. You can then watch the relevant video for any that are confusing: DOWNLOAD PDF What is a Phoneme? What is a Grapheme? What is a Tricky Word? What is Blending? What is a Trigraph? What is … Read more

Phoneme Voicing Training

Phoneme Voicing and Actions How to Voice the Phase 2 Phonemes How to Voice the Phase 3 Phonemes How to Voice the Phase 5 Phonemes Back to Training Home

Resource and Game Demo Training

Resource and Game Demonstrations How to Play ‘Spot the Fake’ How to Use the All Aboard Ship Poster How to Play ‘Caption Match’ How to Play ‘Letter Segmenting’ How to Play ‘Word Sort’ How to Play ‘Word Match’ How to Play ‘Sound Sorter’ How to Play ‘Lift and … Read more