Training Resources for Members

We have a mix of resources to help you to deliver consistent results across your whole team.

"How To" Training Suite of Mini Videos

Our suite of short videos will build your understanding of how to get the best results with All Aboard Phonics, whatever your past experience of phonics teaching. Each one has a self-assessment quiz to check you have absorbed the contents of the video:

On-Demand CPD Training

All Aboard Classroom Implementation 
We recommend making this essential training for anyone working in an All Aboard classroom.

This on-demand 3-session course (1.5 hours total) covers:

  1. The core techniques to use in a phonics lesson
  2. The key tools you have in All Aboard Phonics
  3. The basics for intervention work
Sign up for the on-demand webinar series here: 

All Aboard Deep Dive: “Dyslexia and the Road to Reading”
This 4-session course is a deep dive into the causes of reading difficulty.

This is not a course on how to deliver phonics. Instead, it covers:

  1. The neurology of fluent, accurate reading
  2. The nine ways that reading can potentially go wrong
  3. How to spot those patterns
  4. The intervention techniques you can use to fix each of those issues

The course is a highly practical “how to” course, based on a new understand of the “why” for each child who has been struggling. It is based around a series of case studies each week.

Email us to register.

Bespoke Training

If you would like to discuss bespoke training options, just get in touch. We can provide short, specialist slots over Zoom, or a whole day of in-person training.

1 full day in-person training: £570 + VAT + travel/accommodation

1 hour webinar training: £175 + VAT

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and make a booking.


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