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All Aboard Phonics Plus | An Introduction

Effective Interventions: How to Use All Aboard Phonics Plus Quiz

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1. This is the correct order of steps to follow to support a child using All Aboard Phonics Plus. True or False?

1. Get the parents on board

2. Complete the Baseline Assessment

3. Complete the Port Assessment for the previous stage

4. Start the intervention

5. Complete the Port Assessment at the end of the stage

6. Move onto the next stage or repeat the stage

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The average score is 87%


All Aboard Phonics Plus | Diving Deeper

All Aboard Phonics | Trainertext Tutorial

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Eye Tracking Exercise

Segment-Reblend Technique

All Aboard Phonics Plus Activity Demos

Head over to our All Aboard Phonics Plus | Activity Demo Playlist on our Youtube Channel for demonstrations of lots of the games in the All Aboard Phonics Plus lesson manual.

Watch a Stage 3 Intervention in Action!