Free Teacher Resources USA

Free Home Reading Practice App

The app has a set of games each day for your learners to access. These games complement and embed what you have taught in the classroom.

Also, because they are game-based, they are much more likely to get done in every household.

You can also add a library of decodable books, that get released week by week as you progress through the curriculum. See below for more details.

Free Online Assessments

Regular assessments to check the whole class are progressing together are essential, so that you can do targeted interventions where needed.

But… they can be a hassle to record, collate and present!

So you will be happy to hear that your online account with us has a free online assessment package which does that for you.

Free Phonics Teaching Manuals

If you would like PDF copies of our phonics teacher manuals, click the buttons below. Units 1-3, covers our accelerated Kindergarten curriculum, and Unit 4 is the first 6 weeks of 1st Grade. Units 5, 6, and 7 are coming soon!

Free Online Training Suite

Get your whole team up to speed with our bite-sized training videos:

Pictophone PNG Images

These images can be used to create your own resources and can be added to smartboard lessons like SMART notebook files.

Other Free Printable Resources

Other resources can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the links below.

Premium Teacher Resources

We give you free access to what we can, but there are certain resources that have to be professionally printed.

And actually, you save money by doing that too. Printing on an office printer is expensive and time consuming. You also end up with a far less durable and pleasing end result.

So these are the resources we can print for you:

App Book Library

Add a book library to the app and you can then release the right books for the classs to access each week at the click of a button! None of the books will get eaten by the dog or lost down the sofa. So they can save you a lot of money too.
Contact us to arrange an affordable library subscription for each of your classes, by emailing